Performance | Video | Installation | Sculpture


    The Installation “GHOST” features a Video Loop of a performance that was made with the sculpture and is projected onto the triangular object “GHOST”.   
The sculpture is used as a canvas that is spanned with an elastic white fabric. In a video performers are pressing faces and limbs against the fabric from the back while the object is illuminated from the side. This transforms the performers bodies in marble statue-like surfaces that are moving.
In an installation setting the performance film is projected onto the sculpture’s screen. The object can be screwed to the floor and is thereas able to stand in the midst of a room or can be as well hung at a wall like a picture or installed lying on the floor for the presentation.

Jeannine Jesch, 2019
Performer: Lena Kienzer, Jeannine Jesch
Video made at Dockyard Studio, Vienna
premiere public presentation 2019 at Gallery Dessous, Vienna

wooden frame sidelength 2,4m | height 1,8m
fully covered in a white stretchy fabric

Technical requirements:
Projector, Computer, Sound System
Sculpture (wood, fabrik

all images © Jeannine Jesch