Installation | Sculpture


kinetic Sculpture: Je. Jesch, 2016
Production kindly supported by Plattform für junge Kunst
premiere public presentation 2019 at Gallery Dessous, Vienna

wooden sculpture 2,4m width | 1,8m height
3D-printed Gears, stepper motor, Arduino
Hand-woven black&white Band

    The kinetic sculpture “GRIND” is driven by a stepper-motor which is audible far before the sculpture is seen. It rotates a hand-woven, black&white band which has the letters WTF written in 8-bit code on it. This band was made during the “urban MSG” Series. The band rotates with a loud and grinding noise slowly turn after turn. It is the only sculpture from the Triangle Series where the “performance” is done by a machine.


watch video trailer on vimeo

all images © Jeannine Jesch